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Tuesday, January 13th, 2009
7:38 pm
12th Night
I did a lot of fighting at the event. I did participate in the Banner Bearer tourney and did very well. I finished in thr top 4 in the fighting part of the tourney but everyone blew the heralic part. Don Toshikagi won the right to bear the banner on the field.

Part 1 of thr tourney was a one-on-one fight, single elimation. I won that bout and then for ceading purposes I fought again. I pulled Don Tristin in the fight and lost.
Part 2 was fighting while holding the banner, again single elim. I won that fight. Met DOn Tristian in the second round and lost.
Part 3 was comanding a melee unit while holding the banner, again single elim. My team was victorious and then I met DOn Tristin in the second round and lost.
Part 4 was a heraldry quiz which everybody sucked on.

The other two tourneys were double elim and I went 2 and out in each. I think I put everything into the banner tourny and had nothing left.

Simon became a member of the Order of the Laural and Maraglite was put on vigil for the Pelican.

It was a very good day all in all.

Current Mood: content
Sunday, December 14th, 2008
3:56 pm
Boars Head
I had a good day although I was worried about being rusty since I haven't practice with a live partner in a long time.

I challenged Sir Guillume for the Iron Ring but Tomas got there first and took it.

The Princess' Sleeve had the same round robin first round. In my pool the fighting was very good and clean. My pool consisted of Sir Guillume, Edward, Cosimo, Nicolos, Gavin, me, a new imported to Windhaven from the Outlands named John. I lost to Guillume,doubled killed with Gavin. But beat Edward, Cos and Nicolos. Double kills, in addition to killing a kitten, also counted as a loss for both.

I did do some pick ups. I had fun, which is important and I am happy with my performance.

The wiiner of the sleeve was Chrimsos from Windhaven.
Monday, November 24th, 2008
5:22 pm
here's something me all need to study
This film strip will explain what the goals of the "school" are. Just replace Jock and mateo everytime you hear: The Brain:

Saturday, October 4th, 2008
6:41 am
Catching up
It's been a while since I logged  my work in rapier - it has been slow but meaningful.

Practice has been put to the side for school work, work and meetings. I am wokring with my student on basics, doing drills.

Myself, I go to practice and get bored immediatley with fight the same people over and over agian - time to road trip.

Rose Tourney was a blast - beautiful setting, the list was surronded with period pavilions and the fighting was fantastic.

I beleive I did pretty good - at least I'm happy with my performance. I took 1 of 3 in most of my matches, with only a couple that I lost all three. One was to St Christian and the other to Antonelle and that was after fighting a grueling long 3 bout match with Geoffy - we seem pretty evenly matched that day, but I pulled them out.

My goal was to fight the full hour and as many bouts as I could - I fought for 55 minutes pretty much straight through.

Of course the highlight of my weekend was Jock asking me if I wanted to be his cadet on Friday night and then the short ceremony which brought a moving speech, tears, hugs and tremors. Pretty cool. I have to thank Teffan for making the scarf and Sile for assisting Jock when his hands were failling him.
Saturday, September 13th, 2008
2:24 pm
It's been a while since I've posted in here but I plan to start doing it again to track my progress and trainign and stuff.

I tok Don Simon's class, "Triple Threat: Three ays to Dominate the Balde". I was an great class and I got a lot out of it.

The 2 threats he taught were:
1. Lines/geomatry (Capa Fero and Fabris)
He showed use constraints and counter gaurds.

2. Strikes/Beats and Mezo Cuts
Not to do the standard SCA beat with the big wind up and then the huge strike.
We worked on doing it properly and then added an attack.

3. Obdience
This involved smart feins and he used a lot of Fabris in this section.

I have his notes if anyone would like to see them.

My own class, "A Grunts' Eye View to Melee", went well. Tarrach and Margilite were very helpful. When I teach it again I see some changes I can make to stream line it.

The end of the day was the WHite Scarf Meet and Great/Open field
I faught with Duke Tarrach. He brought his game and I brought mine. Unfortunatly, mine was checkers.

I spent some time with Margalite and she gave me some suggestions on fighting with my current eye issues. SHe also did some dagger work with me.

I worked with Simon with single sword and remembered why you should not leg him or play the range game,

Count Hroder asked me to fight one of theur newer fencers. She was still very unsure of herself and I think I was able to help her.

Then I fought Roiberd as part of the challenge he was given when he became one of TRM rapier gaurd. He need to fight 50 people outside his region.

That's all I got. Alex will be posting the Minister of the Academy job opening.
Thursday, July 17th, 2008
8:12 pm
For some reason, this reminds me of Jack....

see more dog pictures
Monday, July 7th, 2008
10:18 pm
Practice July 7, 2008
First night to try out the new sword - it was beautiful. It is slightly heavier then my other sword, but much better balanced. on top of that, it has clout - I can control my opponents blade fairly easily.

It took a little bit to get past the nervousness of the new blade - it's about 3 or so inches longer then my old blade - but soon I was comfortable with it. My concern with hitting to hard was smoothed by the flexibility of the blade - I planted some that would be hard with my other sword, but this one flexed nicely.

Another bonus for me is the guard - it's pretty, but leaves no openings to get my fingers smooshed (hah, Baron Cruisecontrol).

So, I've been reading up on the "magic circle", or the Spanish circle - depending on who read - and am picking up quite a bit.  The study of La Destreza is very interesting as a subject on its own, but to be able to use the information for swordplay makes it even more worthwhile. Some interesting reads: MARTINEZ ACADEMY OF ARMS's The Demystification of the Spanish School by Maestro Ramón Martínez; The Mysterious Circle School (The Magic Circle) by Daniel Willens and The Spanish Circle by John James MacCrimmon.

The three of these give good background on what La Destreza is and how it became to be including the social aspects which brought the practice about. (side note - I never realized that the lunge was a late comer to sword play - an Italian masters secret until 1577 or so).

The "Demystification" comes in three parts - first is history with the explanation of the basics, the second gives more information on use of the weapon and footwork and the third give the "Three Destreza Attacks against the Common Vulgate Fencer" - which I beleive two of are what Mateo showed me at the school weekend.

So, I'm ready for WW and bringing my A game...
Tuesday, July 1st, 2008
8:46 pm
June 30, 08 Practice
Good practice yesterday, once again. We had a compliment of six including myself. Blasio has been back to play for the summer, Todd (I forget his SC moniker) has taken a break from potting/ceramicteering - whatever you call it - for the Ren Faire, Gaius appeared from nowhere to get a few good boughts in and Dayd, Micheal and myself filled in the rest of the spots.

I felt very comfortable with myself, my body and my game yesterday. I have worked on the things I have taught from various teachers (thanks Ernesto and Andrew) and worked inside to the best I could. I have a lot of future work, but I'm seeing a lot of light around the dark depths...

I can't wait for WW - I'm bringing it - both on the AC Bad  Barnoness' torchlight tourney (thank you shavasue for your patronage) and the duel at dawn. I won that several years ago (yes, I'm still willing to take possesion of the prize at any time..) by a default situation (ask[info]dread_ex ). I want to take it on my own this year and I think I've got the juice this year.

 We'll see...

Current Mood: satisfied
Sunday, June 29th, 2008
7:04 pm
Windhaven Practice 6/29
I worked with a realitvely new fencer today. Her name is Mave and is new to the barony from some place in the Pacific Northwest. She played in an SCA off-shoot group whose basic rules sounds very similar to ours. It appears the group she played with used lighter blades but otherwise their equipment standards seem similar. She said she hadn't fenced in about a year but she seems like a quick learner.

I'm still nervous about my skill as an instructor. I suggesed some things she could do at home. She said she would bring her blade next week for me to look at.

Current Mood: sleepy
Monday, June 16th, 2008
8:39 pm
Practice tonight - June 16
Excellent practice tonight - only three of us - Dayd, Blasio and myself. We played two or three bought bear pit.

Found that I really liked that for sparring - it kind of gives the feeling of being in a tournament and having to change your defense back and forth between the the two as they change up their attacks/styles.

A few lights went on tonight - I was successful at delivering an attack that I learned at KWAR and I learned to beat DiGrassi (well, Blasio's DiGrassi).

I'm also working on some secret knowledge - just you wait.

For anyone interested, I will be in Nordskogen along with Dayd, for practice on this Wednesday
Wednesday, June 11th, 2008
8:00 am
School Weekend

Hello everyone

Yes the school weekend is at my house.

The address is 133 South Oak Street. It is very easy to get to. Take Exit 12 on I-90 to West Salem.  Take a Right after the exit at the stop sign on the offramp, heading North into town. Immediately take a left, sign says TO COUNTY B, goes right by a Cenex Gas Truckstop. At the Stopsign take a left, this is COUNTY B. Stay on COUNTY B, it will turn right and then you will come to railroad tracks. When you cross the Railroad Tracks you are on OAK STREET. Stay straight on OAK, COUNTY B GOES LEFT, The house is on the right on the very next block. It is grey/blue and you can park on the street on anyside.

Sorry I haven't been posting til now on this.

Now I will have both of my grills ready to cook anything that you may bring with. I will also be providing some side dishes and deserts. I will have plenty of cold bottled water and I am thinking of other, non-hydrating, beverages too for when finished. Now I am currently working on getting my basement ready to accomodate us if it rains, but it may not be too nice by the weekend in question, but we will have a place to go if it gets soggy.

I am a jerk and have not been reading too much mail so I am unaware of anything that you may require. Please respond to this and give any suggestions or comments or smart remarks as I like it all.


Current Mood: optimistic
Thursday, June 5th, 2008
9:40 pm
I've only got two words...
...and those words are...

Vincentio Saviolo

Mike Skarp - Blasio - made it back to practice for the first time in since, oh, last summer. I fought with him and the style he was using is my new goal/area of study.

He is another master that teaches an upright fighting style. It's another waiting game style so patience is needed and there is constant movement. When Blasio described Saviolo's theory, it was a thought that this guy (if we were actually around during the period) got his ideas from the "Doc." Learn a lot of styles, use what works for you and change as you need to stay alive.

As for the body, the left shoulder and forearm are still hurting, not as intense as it has been and the lower back is easing up. They didn't play to much of a factor in my practice tonight.
Tuesday, May 27th, 2008
10:20 pm
I authorized.  What did you do?
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008
6:41 pm
Footwork drills
So, Josh and I have been working at home, based on what I was able to figure out at my last practice. It hasn't been often, as I've been having these really weird dizzy spells (see my journal for info). We have worked out that I STILL step too far when moving forwards, and it is rolling my ankle which tweaks my knee. It is killing me to have to step in tiny little bits like this, but it's the only way that I have figured out how to move without hurting myself.

I have also had Josh keep on my case every time I pop up out of stance (which is VERY often). Anytime I think I am out of range, I pop up out of stance. Anytime I ask a question, or answer a question, I pop up. Anytime I get even mildly distracted....you got it. Ah well. Awareness is the first key to fixing this.

In other news, my hips are hurting less thanks to ongoing physical therapy. Yeah for less pain! Now if I could just get the rest of me sorted out, that would be fantastic! :)


Monday, April 14th, 2008
10:44 pm
I again braved the trip to Jara (I need to time it better, I keep getting there too darn early).

I had some problems fighting Giles this week. He was using the style where the fencer bends at the waist and and stays well behind the rig (Fabris?) He pretty consistantly was hitting my low line. Any advice of facing someone using this style would be appreciated.

I did have soem good exchanges with Robert though. I was able to get a beautiful shot between his sword and dagger and into his face. I was in the moment, Mindful. He said I gave him a good work out.

Current Mood: tired
Sunday, April 6th, 2008
5:35 pm
Wednesday, I went to Jara practice and a spontanous tyranny practice broke out as Alwin, Cassandra, Sile and Rosa were there. Gauage and Michael were there too!
My first fight of the night was with Cassandra and once I was able to combine Mindfulness with my fighting.
I fought with Alwin next and he pointed out something about my foot work when going to the left. I am leading with my hip which is opening up a huge hole in my center. But he's a sneaky German.
I fought with Leona and discovered as rusty as she is, she can still pretty much hit me at will.
I had a chance to work with Sile and she helped me work on the two parrys (carte and sincone).

Friday night I worked at home against the kitchen wall, practicing thrusts(I have had some taped out spots on the wall.) I worked on lunges (my PT guy wants me to pay attention to keeping my back aligned. I thrust at the wall more, trying to work both hands.

I find I get a better work out with Snake and since the weather was so nice this weekend I took Snake out in the parking lot and managed to get hit quite a lot by the dowel rod.

My spirts were lifted by the time I was done.

I do plan on going to Jara next Wednesday, as long as I can afford gas.

Current Mood: satisfied
Saturday, March 15th, 2008
7:28 pm
left hand work
I have decided to make a more concentrated effort to work on my left hand fighting.

I have my shorter lighter 37" hanwei, but I think I would be better off working up the muscles with my heavier Darkwood bated rig. It seems almost easier to do some of the drill work with bob with my left hand.
I can see how to move my sword in a more exaggerated position to clear a blade. The big issue is muscles in my shoulder just above the bicep got tired very easily. The wrist and hand seemed fine but I can tell I certainly need to build up those muscles.

say is anyone heading to falcons keep on the 29 of march for haire affaireski?


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Thursday, March 13th, 2008
8:26 pm
Rapier Practice tonight 3/13 no reply needed
Hey donkey breath,

Had a short but very enjoyable practice tonight. Did I fight a lot...no. Did I fight a lot of different people...no. So what made it enjoyable? I kicked ass.

I didn't have my second class today, so I got home about two hours earlier than normal. Normally I drive straight from Menomonie and get to practice just at the begining and don't feel like fighting, and usually don't.  So I got there, Micheal was the only other fighter there so we warmed up and I (felt) like I flowed like mercury - smooth, quick and fluent. I wish I had my camera set-up.

We did about 20 minutes of fighting and took a break which consitsted of training the kid with footwork. We then ran another 20 minutes of fighting me with buckler and Michael with cloak. Buckler is not as fun out of melee.

So, it was a good practice.

Later, donkey breath...
Thursday, March 6th, 2008
8:11 pm
Updating goodness
OK! Last week I went to practice with Aryn and company, and we figured some things out that had been bothering me for a while. Some of them were painfully obvious looking back, but I hadn't realized them on my own, and am better for knowing it now, so it's all good!

We worked out a parry drill that will work for me at home, and that is a huge amazing step. We also took a serious look at my stance again, and chatted with Margalit (sp?) when she came over. Learned LOTS of good things from that conversation! I also had it pointed out to me that a) I tend to bob up and down when I walk and b) my feet are not as big as Jack's or Mateo's or Ron's, so it's really ok if I take smaller steps and finally c) when facing a taller person, the instinctive thing to do is to take big steps. Yeah...perhaps that should have been obvious, but I get it now, and really, that's all that matters!

On the question of practicing at home, I can't do things the same with a sword in my hand versus not, so I am trying to do EVERYTHING now with the sword in my hand. It was also pointed out to me that my skirt changes my center of balance, so I am putting that on when I work at home as well.

All things said, it was a VERY productive night!

On the question of my overall health, my migraines are back down to once or twice a week, whereas shortly after KWAR we switched my meds and they had been nearly every day. This made for a challenging December and January. But, hope is on the way, and each week they are steadily decreasing.

We have also figured out that I have arthritis in both hips, though I have been assured that they don't need surgery...yet. Oh well, at least it explains why they hurt more in the winter! Hey look, I'm a barometer! Yeah.... In physical therapy again, and they kicked my butt on Tuesday. Have another appointment tomorrow, so wish me luck!

OK....that's it for now. If it matters, I am really just not checking or using my old email address at all. If you need to contact me off-list, try: liz@sheppardcentral.net

Right....on to homework. Later!

Sunday, February 10th, 2008
9:20 pm
I'm here!
Hey! I'm here and alive. I've even been going to practice regularly (when weather permits....). I've been doing drills and a friend of mine from work has started coming too. She's really enjoying it, doing well, and I look forward to getting her to an event and meeting y'all.

My endurance is picking up (yay!). I feel much more comfortable with the sword and my basic technique and that I need to begin doing actual combat, half time would be good. Thanks Cassandra for working with me when you're in Jara!! It's been great.

Well, gonna go for now.

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